Ultimate Chili’s Classic Sirloin



Chili’s $12.99 lean and tender 8 oz. sirloin seasoned perfectly with their own special seasonings and topped with seasoned butter.


Buffalo Cheese Burger


“Don’t Worry Be Happy”.. Comfort Food

I love burgers especially really good, interesting burgers. I also love Hot Wings, so the thought of both together only made my mouth water more. Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things price was just right for the quality of the food and the ambiance. The staff was also active, friendly and pleasing, even during late hours. The place was neat and organized.

Buffalo Wings (Garlic Parmesan)


Non-Spicy Favorite
Garlic Parmesan

We ordered 1/2 pound of chicken wings with their “Garlic Parmesan” sauce for Php. 134.00 without fries and sides or dip.

I was really surprised with the prices because everything was quite affordable, though at first I thought that the serving size or the portions will be small just like most restaurants and fast foods, but thankfully I was wrong. While not exactly what you’d expect from something like Friday’s, the portions were just right and it looked quite appetizing too.

Chinese Beef Brisket


So this meal is a perfect choice! Hap Chan’s Beef Brisket is one of the best!
The beef is so tender and soft.

There is nothing like spending a sunday dinner at Hap Chan. They have delicious heavy meals. We were feeling a little beefy so we ordered Beef Brisket with Radish hotpot and Yang Chow.

Sunday Chinese Dish


Happy Sunday! The weekend flew away quite fast! But I won’t finish the weekend without any food tripping post right? This weekend is another Chinese Dish food escapade!

This is seriously Hap Chan’s the best Yang Chow Fried Rice I’ve tried! The rice isn’t dry and its filled with shrimps, carrots, green peas and Asado or Honeycured Pork!